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The Phoenix Indie Film Makers Meetup Group


Join for free!!!   http://www.meetup.com/The-Phoenix-Indie-Film-Makers-Meetup-Group/


To Donate:


Watch our films on:   http://www.directorslive.com/PIFMG


Organizer:  Tamara McDaniel


Assistant Organizers:

August LaBrec, Brett Ashley, IFP, Ita, Jae Staats, Jay Brigham, Sara Clancy, Scott Haskin

Are you into making Indie films? Are you an actor, vo artist, film maker, director, screen writer, production company, casting director, studio, or are you involved in any other aspect of film making or showing films? Then we want you! This group is for folks who are into making Indie films/documentaries/television shows/podcasts or any other form of visual entertainment. This is more than just a networking group - we're a working group! We help each other make our Indie film dreams come true! We make movies as a group, we help each other get our movies completed, and we make movies others ask us to.  

Projects Completed So Far:
Campaign Promise
The Handlers
The Handlers II
The Objective
The Mating Game
Inner Voices
The Hierophant
5 Minutes
Consider The Apple
To A Lesser Degree
What Do You See?
The Nephila
Time And Time Again
Watch Any of these (The Nephila Coming Soon) on Director's Live at:

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